Logistics in the automotive industry is a model for other industries due to its efficiency. OEMs, suppliers and logistics providers work closely together to ensure smooth material flow management for the production process. Reliable conveyor and sorting technology from Ferag effectively links the various sub-processes. Thus the Skyfall overhead system is perfectly suited for buffering, sorting and sequencing (JIS) components weighing up to 25 kg. Each Skyfall hanger is individually controllable and trackable, thus fully automating otherwise personnel-intensive picking processes.

Conveying and storing overhead on the ceiling frees space at floor level that can be used for assembly and other processes. Tugger trains and forklift traffic are also eliminated, resulting in greater personnel safety. Intermediate buffering and decoupling of process steps keeps continuous material flow running smoothly even when output speeds vary. The combination of stored inventory and low-maintenance conveyor technology also assures a reliable supply to customers and downstream processes. All Ferag systems, with their modular and scalable design, integrate easily into existing or new production halls.

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