Continuous and seamless conveying system that can handle tight curve radii and complex, three-dimensional layouts.

With the continuous and seamless conveying system Easychain, even narrower curve radii can be realized than with the „bigger brother“ Deniway. This is particularly noticeable when complex, three-dimensional layouts are required. In addition, the highly modular system can be quickly installed and converted. The system is based on rollers that reduce friction and thus both energy consumption and wear. That is why Easychain is robust, reliable and largely maintenance-free.


  • Linkages between production processes
  • End-of-line processes
  • Transport of SLC


  • Conveying, sorting and distributing in one system
  • 3D-capable for optimum space utilisation
  • Material flow over long distances with no transfer points
  • Modular and extensible design
  • Energy-efficient technology thanks to rolling friction
  • Proven and reliable technology
  • Cost-effective in operation, service and maintenance
  • Low-noise

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