Skyfall is the unique conveyor system that makes use of gravity and the third dimension.

Skyfall combines conveying, buffering, sorting, consolidating and production processes in one system. It is based on shuttles and trolleys combined with application-specific load carriers, along with the use of gravity. Skyfall can be used in the third dimension to save space, thus freeing up valuable floor area for value creation processes. With its extensive range of functional accessories, the system has universal applications and is readily expandable with additional functions and capacities.


  • Order picking and consignment for e-commerce, retail, B2B and 3PL
  • Sorting and sequencing for dispatch, incoming goods and returns
  • Extending process chains with no need for transfer points
  • Material flow with process decoupling and buffering
  • Inter-process linkage with buffering and sorting


  • Conveying, buffering, sorting, order picking and consignment in one system
  • Keeping usable floor area free by use of the third dimension
  • Application-specific load carriers with the possibility of multiple loading
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading possibilities
  • Reduction of manual tasks along the process chain
  • Increased productivity and efficiency thanks to automation
  • Traceability throughout the system
  • Modular and extensible design
  • High-quality and maintenance-friendly engineering
  • Energy-efficient technology thanks to rolling friction and use of gravity

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