Stitching wire

High-quality stitching wire for worldwide use on all common saddle stitching systems and for inline stitching.

Our stitching wire is most commonly used in newspapers, magazines and catalogues. Printing plants use stitching wire for inline stitching in their high-speed web press operations. Furthermore, stitching wire is used as box- and carton stitching wire. In the book binding industry stitching wire is used in saddle stitchers or for bookletmaking.

The stitching wire that we offer is tested regularly on Ferag stitching drums. This ensures that our wire meets the highest quality standards. Decisive criteria for us are production safety, knife-protecting processing as well as high quality for the end product. The stitching wire can be processed on all common stitching units and is used worldwide.


  • usable for any high-speed web press and saddle stitcher
  • high quality of finish, resistant to corrosion
  • proven, production reliability
  • blade protective processing
  • straight, tangle-free wire take-off and inlet

Technical data

  • round and flat wire
  • bright, galvanized, tinned, copper coated
  • sizes from from 0.35 mm (No. 30) to 1.60 mm (No. 16)
  • spool types from 2 kg to 300 kg
  • uncoiling equipment for any type of coil avaiable

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