Pallet conveyors

We offer you a wide range of established pallet conveyors for a guaranteed process optimization.

If you would like to optimize the pallet flow in your company, we have a wide range of pallet conveyors in our portfolio.  We integrate driven pallet roller conveyors as well as pallet chain conveyors and 90° pallet transfer units. Also empty pallet destackers as well as pallet transfer trolley systems can be a part of a turn key pallet conveyor system.  Different pallet infeed systems are available.  We connect to pallet infeed and outfeed of palletisers or integrate pallet drop stations for manual pallet trucks.

  • Working height : 400 mm, adjustable +/- 20 mm (other heights possible)
  • Roller diameter : 80 mm – galvanized steel
  • Drive : chain loops, roller to roller
  • Pitch : 119 mm
  • Speed : 12 tot 15 m / min.
  • Power : gearmotor 0.37 Kw – 0.55 Kw – 0.75 Kw (depending on the length of the pallet conveyor)
  • All pallet roller conveyors are frequency controlled

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Partenaire commercial

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