The SNT50 trimming drum from Ferag guarantees a perfect shear cut and the highest quality on three sides.

With the SNT50 trimming drum, products are gripped as single copies to guarantee a perfect shear cut and top quality on three sides. By means of automatic format presetting, exceptionally efficient operation is achieved with low demands on space. And thanks to the rotary processing concept, production is free of interruptions and gentle on products.

The benefits to you

  • High trimming quality
  • Processing on the single copy
  • Long knife service life


  • Max. 50,000 cph with 1:1
  • Max. 100,000 Ex./h with 2:1
  • FW 300 to 450 mm trimmed
  • FL 148 to 190 mm trimmed
  • 8 to 320 tabloid pages
  • Max. product thickness 12 mm
  • UTR and TTR compatible

FW: Format Width, FL: Format Length

Demande de produit

Partenaire commercial

Partenaire commercial