Ferag Intelligent Vehicles

State-of-the-art AGV and AMR vehicles with a complete range of products for intelligent intralogistics solutions.

These mobile robots include automated solutions for the handling of shelves, mobile devices, pallets and basket of work without an operator. In suitable projects, this new product range will be combined with Ferag products (Denisort, Deniway, Easychain and Skyfall) into fully integrated solutions.

The Ferag Intelligent Vehicles:

  • Safer environment for the operators compared with forklift and tugged trains
  • Increased productivity and efficiency thanks to automation leads to rapid ROI 
  • Flexible solution for different seasons (for example Black Friday and regular season)
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading possibilities
  • Best use of warehouse space thanks to the high precision of the robots (improves storage rate by 60%)
  • Excellent path planning ability, various combination of equipment
  • Modular and extensible design

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