Bundle & pallet conveyors

Segbert offers intelligent customized conveyor systems. We turn, divert, lift and merge.

Segbert offers intelligent logistical solutions for the printing, packaging and converting industries. In cooperation with innovative market partners complete implementations can be realized. With trendsetting technologies Segbert sets the pattern: Selective binding, ZIP-code palletizing, poly-bagging or flexible addressing - these are the key words for a safe investment in the future.

Conveyor systems: Bundle conveyors; pallet conveyors

Customized conveyor systems. We turn, divert, lift and merge.

Our intelligent control systems are the key to safe and efficient, highly complex production processes. Various conveyor elements form a network and in this way create the optimal conditions for product tracking and connection to available on-site packing solutions.

Bundle conveyors: FBMT conveyor belts

Pallet conveyors: KB chain conveyors

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