Layer palletizer robot

Problem free handling of unstrapped or strapped or shrink wrapped printed products.

Segbert offers intelligent logistical solutions for the printing, packaging and converting industries. In cooperation with innovative market partners complete implementations can be realized. With trendsetting technologies Segbert sets the pattern: Selective binding, ZIP-code palletizing, poly-bagging or flexible addressing - these are the key words for a safe investment in the future.

Layer palletizer robot: MPA; ZPA; DZPA; DPA

Problem free handling of unstrapped or strapped or shrink wrapped products from heatset and coldset web presses, saddle stitchers, perfect binders, comailers, ZIP-code productions, poly bagging , cartons and logs. The layer palletizing concept ensures minimum mechanical stress and wear. Solid machine design „Made in Germany“. The integrated layer program via touch panel enables a flexible and intuitive operation.

MPA: Efficiency with a compact foot print. The allrounder 16 cycles/min. for productions in mid-range sector or - in double pack- for large web presses.

ZPA: Layer palletizer robot for highest requirements. The fast one 24 cycles/min. for unstrapped bundles – 35 cycles/min for strapped bundles.

DZPA: 36 cycles/min. – for 2 different product streams. Reducing capital investment: the DZPA for the simultaneous palletizing of 2 product streams of equal products or 2 different products. This highly efficient layer palletizer robot was especially designed for web presses with trend setting wider webs and format sizes.

DPA: For layer wise evacuation of bundles from the pallet and further separation of the bundles.

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