Arm wrapping machines

Fully and semi-automatic rotating arm wrapping machines from Pieri for all palletised loads.

Pieri is a well-known Italian company specialised in designing and manufacturing highly customised lines for wrapping and conveying palletised loads.

SILVER TWIN, the twin rotating arm wrapping machine by Pieri, is the ideal solution for customers who demand the best from their machines: high speed and productivity. SILVER TWIN is a high-efficiency machine whose design features make it exceptionally solid and reliable. It has a strong steel structure with four supports which guarantee stability in the points where it comes under the most stress.

SILVER AGILE / SILVER GO / SILVER FAST is a range of fully automatic rotating arm machines for stretch wrapping palletised loads. The machine design can be personalised to meet customer requirements: the dimensions of the pallet and the height of the load can be modified.  In terms of productivity, SILVER AGILE is the entry level model in this range (up to 40 p/h), followed by SILVER GO (up to 60 p/h) and SILVER FAST which offers high speed output (up to 80 p/h). Thanks to the rotating arm design, where the pallet is wrapped as it stands still, this machine is suitable for any product sector and is especially recommended for unstable loads.

The SILVER GO CAD and SILVER FAST CAD is a fully automatic rotating arm wrapping machine for stretch wrapping palletised loads that is equipped with an automatic device to protect the four corners of the load. The automatic CAD device applies protective corners to all four corners of the load using a suction cup system installed on four independent mechanical arms.

The SILVER WAVE is a semi-automatic rotating arm wrapping machine for stretch wrapping palletised loads. A SILVER WAVE PRO version is also available and is equipped with a clamping and welding unit which automatically cuts and welds the tail end of the film; it also has two remote controls to start the automatic wrapping cycle. For easy operation, the pallet can be loaded directly in the machine using a forklift truck.

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