Case Erectors

Endoline’s semi- and fully automatic case erectors for every throughput and every budget.

Endoline’s extensive range of case erecting machinery is unrivalled in terms of quality, performance, reliability and usability. From entry level, semi-automatic machines, to high speed, fully-automatic systems, there is a suitable machine for any throughput or budget.

Semi-automatic case erectors

The semi-automatic case erector range offers an ideal first step into automation. These machines are designed to reduce the time and effort taken to manually erect a case at a low capital cost. The Semi-Automatic range is suitable for a large range of case sizes and can be used either on its own or close coupled to a case sealer. With no set up required these machines improve throughput and offer a very quick return on investment.

Fully automatic case erectors

Endoline’s Fully-Automatic range of case erectors seal with either hot melt glue or tape and can run up to speeds of 30 cases per minute. The range includes systems built to a compact footprint for tight production halls, low level hoppers for the ergonomic loading of heavy case blanks and servo drives for greater speed and flexibility.

MODIFIED case erectors

Any of Endoline’s case erectors can be modified to suit a specific application, from cases outside the standard size range to specific requested components. Endoline’s engineering expertise can look at any request for an application to help meet your requirement.

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