Case Sealing

Pre-set or random case sealing operations to seal cases semi-automatically or fully automatically.

Endoline design and manufacture a range of high specification case sealers to increase the productivity and efficiency of any case sealing operation.  Pre-set or random case sealers are available in semi-automatic or fully-automatic models. Endoline provide hot melt glue sealing machines or self-adhesive tape sealers.

Pre-set case sealing

From semi-automatic to fully-automatic, each pre-set system seals cases of the same size with either a hot melt glue or self-adhesive tape. Ideal for manufacturers who require secure, accurate and consistent sealing of long runs of the same case size. Each machine incorporates unique performance-enhancing design features, with very quick size changeover, and are capable of sealing up to 30 cases per minute.

Random case sealing

From semi-automatic to fully-automatic, each random system seals different size cases in any random order with self-adhesive tape or hot melt glue.  Ideal for manufacturers who run a range of different size cases at any time or who wish to integrate a number of packing lines into a single machine to utilise space. Each system incorporates unique performance-enhancing design features and are available as entry level or high speed machines capable of sealing up to 30 cases per minute throughout the full case size range of the machine.

MODIFIED machines

Any of Endoline’s case sealers can be modified to suit a specific application, from cases outside the standard size range to specific requested components. Endoline’s engineering expertise can look at any request for an application to help meet your requirement.

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