Ring wrapping machines

Flexible and fully automatic rotating ring wrapping machines from Pieri for all palletised loads.

Pieri is a well-known Italian company specialised in designing and manufacturing highly customised lines for wrapping and conveying palletised loads.


The ideal solution for high output applications. It is the top ring wrapping model by Pieri in the range, thanks to its outstanding features and unbeatable flexibility.

Flexibility: with 15 different wrapping programmes, it adapts easily to any type of load, including products that are particularly unstable, crushable or oversized.

Quality: AVR 400 FLEXA is equipped with a spool carriage for high pre-stretch percentages. The palletised product is perfectly wrapped, thanks to the tachometer generator built into the carriage. By dynamically adjusting the force exerted by the film on the load, both the shape and load remain intact.

Exclusivity: one of AVR 400 FLEXA’s special features is ecoMATRIX, an exclusive film, clamping and tucking in device that is fitted as standard.


This fully automatic ring wrapping machine is the result of 40 years’ experience in the sector. Offering a perfect balance of flexibility, productivity and quality, FLEXA GO is our solution for customers who want compact size, versatility and efficiency.

Compact size: its special design and highly compact frame make it ideal for small footprint.

Versatility: thanks to its new rotating ring technology and the new cutting/welding unit built into the mobile frame, the wrapping cycle can be set to begin and end at any height of the load. FLEXA GO can wrap pallets with dimensions starting from 400 x 400 mm up to a maximum of 1200 x 1200 mm. It can also be installed on conveyor lines with heights from 80 mm and 100 mm.

Efficiency: FLEXA GO has been designed using the most cutting-edge technical solutions: belts controlled by motors with an inverter guide all the ring movements. This helps cut maintenance costs and ensures significantly quieter operation. The electronic pre-stretch system guarantees perfect stability and containment of all palletised loads.

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