Shrink wrapping systems

Unique packaging systems for manual, partially automated or fully automatic film wrapping.

For more than 50 years Kallfass has been developing shrink wrapping machines worldwide. In every Kallfass shrink wrapping machine is a lot of system solutions expertise and industry experience. The extensive shrink wrap equipment includes L-sealers, side sealers intermittent and side sealers continuous motion, form/fill/seal machines, sleeve wrappers (bundling machines), shrink tunnels and a large variety of components, such as gripper infeed systems, transport conveyors, feeding systems, stacking stations and film folding devices. Kallfass shrink wrapping machines operate with Polyethylene films (PE-films), PP- or Polyolefine films or PLA-films.

Kallfass shrink wrapping systems provide solutions for manual or fully automatic film wrapping. With the shrink packaging machines you can wrap single items or multi packs, either fully wrapped or sleeve wrapped as bundled shrinkpacks after preceding collation.

Kallfass shrink packaging equipment is at home in a lot of different branches: e.g. print and paper, contract packaging (fullfilment), food and beverage (e.g. bakery products, confectionery, fruit and vegetables), wood and furniture and many others.


  • Logiwrap
  • L-Sealer
  • Servopacker
  • Compact-Series
  • Universal-Series
  • SuperWrap
  • Unitex
  • Universa

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