Glue application systems

Hot melt and cold inline glue application systems that can be retrofitted to existing production equipment.

Igluetech has considerable experience in the design and manufacture of Cold Glue and Hotmelt Glue applications.

Equipment range includes: 

  • Microprocessor Glue Pattern Controllers
  • Application heads
  • Application control
  • Tank systems - Modules/nozzles - Tubes
  • Electro-Magnetic Glue Guns, Electro Pneumatic Spray and Extrusion Guns
  • Glue Feed Units, by way of Pressure tanks, Diaphragm Pumps, and Piston Pumps

Igluetech are specialists in all things to do with glueing. Operating in many industries and environments, such as web presses, carton folder/gluers, print finishing, cartoning, and tipping to name but a few. Hot melt or Cold Glue, we've done it.

Igluetech keeps a considerable range of spare parts, including, filters, heaters, sensors, nozzles, modules, electronic parts, and glue guns, all manufactured in the UK or Europe from original source Robatech® suppliers and to original specification, ensuring guaranteed quality and performance.

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