Goods to Person picking

Eiratech develop people friendly robotic systems. An extremely flexible automation system for E-fulfilment operations.

Once the WMS sends the order(s) to the Eirasystem, Eirabots identify the shuttle racks that contain the required products and bring the rack to the Picking Station. With the aid of a monitor and light guide the picker can select and retrieve the product(s) scan them and place them for packing. If an incorrect item is selected the system will prevent the picker from continuing until the correct item is selected. Once all items from the rack have been retrieved for the order(s), the Eirabot will move the rack away for storage as another Eirabot brings the next rack into position.


  • Using the 'goods to person' model increases efficiency by targeting 70% of time wasted walking and searching for items.
  • The interactive picking station guides the pickers to 100% accuracy and helps eliminate the multiple handling usually associated with order picking.
  • Its adaptability means it can adjust to the existing warehouse environment regardless of shape or obstructions as these can be mapped into the system.
  • It is flexible and so can be easily moved within the existing location or moved to a new one.

Technical data:

  • More than 600 picks/hour per person for single-gate
  • Over 1000 picks for the double-gate picking station

Eiratech develops people friendly robotic systems. They use the latest technology to combine hardware and software in an innovative way to bring intelligent efficiency to the table. Their expertise is proven by successful projects in industries such as: warehousing, aerospace and automotive and they continue to think big.

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