Trim Master Bagging Unit

A simple trim and dust extraction unit that automatically removes and collects waste at high speed from production machinery.

The design consists of a waste handling fan coupled with a specially engineered heavy duty waste and dust collection unit. The waste conveying fan incorporates the same robust engineering used in our larger complete factory waste extraction systems.

The Trim Master unit is built with integral replaceable filtration media to prevent dust escaping into the atmosphere to ensure efficient, clean, trouble free operation. Trim specification ducting is used throughout and connected to the production machine and to the Trim Master unit. If tough difficult trims (films and foils) are extracted, a rotary trim cutter can be incorporated prior to the fan, to chop the trim into manageable size pieces to maintain a continuous operation.

The Trim Master can be supplied as a standard stand-alone unit or customized to suit the exact needs of the individual application. Each Trim Master unit is built to last; using heavy gauge welded steel construction finished in high quality paint. We offer a range of three standard models designed to suit the vast range of materials, air volumes and operating conditions.


  • Fast easy installation
  • Integral starter built in
  • Twin collection bags for ‘on the run’ changeover
  • Low power consumption, between 3kW and 5.5kW depending on model
  • Clean operation with in built filtration to collect dust
  • Low noise level
  • Waste delivered to plastic sacks for easy disposal
  • Ideal for use with single machines
  • Can be located local to production line
  • Allows production machines to operate at full capacity
  • Reduces labour costs

Impact provides pneumatic dust and waste extraction and waste separation systems to a vast range of industries across the globe. Based in the Midlands, we are perfectly placed to service the whole of the UK and close to transport links to work worldwide.

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